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Serenity in Balinese Hospitality

Astadala Hospitality welcomes you to experience a true Bali serenity in Balinese Hospitality. We serve all hospitality-related things that guest expected to realize such a perfect Bali holiday.  Astadala leads you to escape into a wide selection of properties; enjoying either impeccable tropical private villas or cozy stylish modern hotel near white sandy beach, continued to the tropical tranquil of luxury spa and tasteful Balinese authentic cuisine. 

We spread our properties to Kuta and Seminyak as known as the most high touristic districts on the Island. Begun with Villa Seminyak Estate and Spa since established 11 years ago, then our hospitality expands through two luxury private pool villas in the renowned Seminyak area named The Seminyak Suite – Private Villa and The Haere. Inspired by the lively Kuta Beach atmospheric, we also opened The Bene Hotel Kuta to bring you such a peaceful Kuta retreat experience. To complete our long standing service excellence, we invite you to soak into our sough after luxury spa Lagoon Spa Seminyak and explore the delicacy of seafood dining at Pencar Seafood & Grill Restaurant.

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